Oakleaf Personal Care Home is a beautifully-renovated former school that rests on serene, residential, park-like grounds in Baldwin Borough, a suburb in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The building includes a spacious, sky-lit dining room, activities room, comfortable lounges, quiet sitting areas, and a large outdoor courtyard with a gazebo and resident-tended garden.

All rooms are fully furnished. However we encourage residents to add to the comfort of their new home by bringing personal furnishings or other decorative items if they choose.

To enhance the care our residents receive, we provide a call system. Through the use of wall transmitters in every bedroom and bathroom, residents are able to summon assistance by simply pulling a cord. Our staff wear portable pagers, which allows them to receive a number of alerts while remaining mobile in our home.

Also...in addition to the wall system, we offer a portable pendant transmitter that can be worn by the residents when they are not in bed. By simply pushing a button on the pendant, residents can summon the staff from anywhere in our home and from the outside spaces immediately surrounding Oakleaf.